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DIY Overflow

DIY Overflow

Top view, while testing. I stuck in some filter sponge to keep the pebbles out of the U-tubes.

It was at about this point that the following conversation ensued:

Me: "Look, Honey, I made an overflow for the aquarium!"
Hubs: (looking dubious) "Ummm...yeah."
Me: "It costs like $100 to buy one. So I made my own!"
Hubs: "It would probably be okay if you bought one..."
Me: "You don't like it?"
Hubs: "Well, I thought when we put the aquarium in the bedroom, it would know...decorative."
Me: "I know! That's why I used the colorful zip ties!"
Hubs: (after a long pause) "I have to admit, I don't know any other guys whose wives know how to make one of those."

See why I love him? :)

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