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Still running with the temporary sump...I've put up a shelf to hold the grow-boxes, with some under-shelf lighting for the tank. The fixtures are T5 under-cabinet fluorescents. Since there won't be any plants in the tank, at least for now, and Henry is nocturnal, I just left in the bulbs they came with.

My carpentry skills are somewhat primitive, so I'm aiming for "aesthetically unoffensive" with the finished product, as "aesthetically pleasing" is probably more than I can manage.

Keeping things aesthetically unoffensive got tricky here, since I had to find shelf brackets that could hold a decent amount of weight without looking ugly. I also did not want to drive to a larger town to find them. So I ended up with some curly wrought iron ones meant to hold hanging plants on patios. Hanging plants get pretty heavy, right?

The tricky part came when I realized the bracket spacing had to be dictated by stud location rather than light fixture length. Oops.

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