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More Plumbing

More Plumbing

Poor Henry. Every time his water starts to clear up, I start messing around in it and get it all cloudy again.

The grow boxes are now plumbed. They drain into a common 1" pipe that has two outlets in it to drain into the aquarium (over there on the left). The inlet from the pump has been moved up and split to feed the two grow boxes.

You can see the parts of the future sump down below, although right now only the bucket on the right is in service. The space is very narrow in there; all I could get in were two 5-gal buckets and a 5-gal aquarium between them. I bought a 10-gal to go in there too, but it wouldn't fit, even from the back. So it's just sitting here looking lonely and empty...I wonder what I'll do with it? *thinkthinkthink*