Aquaponic Aquarium - geek2nurse


The cabinet is full. I don't think I could fit anything else in there if I tried. In fact, I still need to relocate the air pump hanging on the door, since I added plumbing where it used to go with the door closed.

There are probably about 47 ways I could have done this better. But I couldn't think of any of them.

The pump is now in the bucket on the left. The two buckets are plumbed together using Uniseals (I am coming to *love* Uniseals, except for when I'm trying to shove something into them).

There's a tee to split off to an over-the-side overflow/inlet into the 5-gallon tank in the center. It's got a complicated (for my brain, anyway) loop configuration to keep the water level in the tank from dropping below a certain point, because I plan to put plants and stuff in there.

There's a 1/4" tube inserted into it up to the highest point, and connected to a tiny fountain pump that I kind of jury-rigged so I could control where it pulled water in from. It sucks water in through the 1/4" tube, which theoretically (depending on how much air it can handle without my intervention) will keep the siphon primed. It also creates a small amount of inflow into the small tank, which then flows back out through the siphon, since right now the water level in the buckets is very low.

The water level in the buckets is low because I want to make sure nothing's going to leak before I add any more.