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DIY Overflow

DIY Overflow

I got carried away and forgot to photograph a few steps. This is the overflow in place, with a U-siphon made from 1" tubing and 2 elbows. I had to dump in some gravel to weigh it down on the tank side.

To keep the siphon from breaking if the pump is turned off, the outside arm of the U is submersed in the cut-off water bottle, which will always hold a portion of water. On the tank side, there's always water in the box, so air can't get into the U to break the siphon.

The blue sponge filter is stuck over a short length of pipe with a bunch of holes drilled in it that's sitting in the 1" connector pushed through the Uniseal, which was shown in the previous photo.

There's a length of 1/4" tubing threaded up through the short arm of the U, which was used to start the siphon. You can see the one-way valve in the end of it, at the lower right corner. Eventually I'll connect it to a power head or aqua-lifter, to make sure no air bubbles can gradually accumulate in there and threaten the siphon.

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